The collection will include men’s performance apparel and accessories. Comfortable fashion for work and leisure. Men's collection of formal wear, men's suits, t shirts etc in, whatever your taste and size.

We also offer a collection of men's casual wear in soothing and elegant color combination's.

Every suit of Duron is hand cut to your exact measurements and style preferences. Jackets are properly lined inside with the best quality available and all seams are reinforced for maximum durability. Upon completion our tailors, to ensure the perfection in every detail recheck the suits. Whatever size you are, big or small; tall or short, just leave it to us and we will fit you perfectly with our exclusive hand tailored suit.

Perfect fit to every detail of your body, which you can never get from an OFF-THE-RACK-SUIT.

All of our men's suits and men's tuxedos reflect the care and craftsmanship of DURON tailors of custom suits.

We Specialized in - Button Suits, Party Suits, Wedding Suits etc...

Custom Tailored Shirts & Trousers:

Once we've measured and fitted you in custom-tailored shirts & trousers made especially for you, you'll never go back to department store shirts or pants again.

Our custom shirts are just that -- Customized to your preferences and your body. Our collars lie properly and the chest and waist fit is neither too tight nor too baggy. Our Expertise lies in custom-made shirts and trousers that suit your body type.